Don't Ignore Hail Damage - Repair It ASAP

Servicing rooftop AC units in Wheaton, Glen Ellyn and Naperville, IL

Your rooftop AC units are designed to withstand sun, wind and rain. But hail can leave its mark. If you need hail damage repair work in Wheaton, Glen Ellyn or Naperville, IL, you need Maxson Heating & Air Conditioning. Call 630-649-4150 right away to set up a hail damage repair appointment.

Your rooftop AC's fan is safely enclosed in metal, so what could hail do? Unfortunately, while the fan may be safe, the condenser coil is not. Once a hailstone hits the exposed aluminum coil, it can severely damage the entire unit.

The good news is that the team at Maxson Heating & Air Conditioning can repair or replace this component quickly and efficiently. Call on us for hail damage repair as soon as you suspect a problem.