Remove Harmful Germs and Contaminants

Remove Harmful Germs and Contaminants

Install an air purification system in Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, or Naperville, IL

Since most contaminants can't be seen with the naked eye, you might not notice when your air is polluted. But you could be breathing in all kinds of germs and pollutants that cause allergies, irritation and illness. You can make sure your air is safe to breathe by contacting Maxson Heating & Air Conditioning to install an air purification system.

We'll help you take control of your indoor air quality by installing an effective Aerus air purifier. This state-of-the-art technology will eliminate over 99% of mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses in your air, helping keep you and your family safe. Learn more about Aerus air purification technology in Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, and Naperville, IL when you contact us today.

Experience the difference clean air makes

Improving your indoor air quality isn't just about eliminating viruses and bacteria. You'll breathe easier after we're through because...

  • Air purifiers remove pollutants like dust, dander and pollen that cause serious allergy symptoms
  • Aerus purification technology can eliminate unpleasant odors to give your house fresher air
  • The Aerus purifier installs into your existing ductwork, providing effective cleaning for every room in your home

Make an appointment for an air purifier installation by calling 630-649-4150.